Mold Setter / Process Technician


Installs molds in injection molding machines. Sets up established molding processes for production. Monitors molding processes to ensure product quality meets internal and customer standards.


· Mechanical Aptitude

· Physically able to climb and maneuver around the injection molding equipment.

· Ability to work in a range of conditions

· Flexibility with shift schedule, ability to work overtime and weekends as needed.

· Steel toes shoes required.

· Good physical condition. Able to walk, bend, kneel, climb ladders, lift up to 75 pounds as required.


· Installs (sets up) molds and required auxiliary equipment in and on the injection molding machine using specified clamps, wrenches and other tools as required.

· Operates hoist used to lift injection mold.

· Understands how to interpret waterline diagrams and installs waterlines to mold in accordance with the supplied diagram.

· Understands how to set and adjust injection mold machine die height to accommodate specific injection mold requirements.

· Understands how to set and adjust injection mold machine ejection stroke adjustment to accommodate specific injection mold requirement.

· Understands how to check for proper nozzle orifice size and length. Change nozzle / tip if necessary.

· Read and understand injection molding machine molding process sheet and incorporates process sheet settings into the injection molding machine’s micro-processor.

· Ability to trouble shoot basic injection molding problems on the production floor.

· Identifies and installs specific injection mold requirements such as hot runner controllers; hot oil heaters; and other peripheral devices as required.

· Performs re-starts i.e. molding process has been previously established but machine may have been shut down for breaks etc. (see below).

· Understands how to properly shut down injection molding equipment i.e. purge barrel with purging compound closes all waterlines, turns off barrel temperatures


· Working knowledge of thermoplastic injection molding equipment.

· Good understanding of the theory and practice of injection molding.

· Good understanding of injection molding commodity and engineering resin materials.

· Mechanical aptitude.

· Ability to read and understand component drawings.

· Certification of completion of a technical plastics processing program or minimum 5 years’ experience in the injection molding arena as a set up / process technician.

· Ability to work and communicate well with others in a team environment.



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