We offer expertise in tooling design and prototype capabilities


Produce a few parts or a few thousand parts quickly with our post-molding and secondary operations for prototyping, pre-production or bridge tooling.


Over 45 years of highly experienced and detail-oriented; accuracy and top quality come standard when you choose Wescon Plastics for your tooling needs.


We have long-term relationships with domestic and offshore mold building options to fit individual project costing and lead times.


Our team of toolmakers provides the ability to turn and debug tool changes quickly and effectively to maintain tooling over program life.

We are ready to bring your idea to life

We are sure to utilize your investment in the smartest and most efficient way possible by providing you an extensive project analysis and plan that is customized to fit your budget. If you have a demanding plastic tooling project,  that requires either one cavity, family mold, inserts or high volume multi-cavitation, we will provide you with expertise and help you meet your goals.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss your tooling project or would like to know more about our services.

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