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High-Temperature Resins

More customers are asking about making complex parts and products from high-temperature resins for demanding applications. Wescon Plastics offers the know-how and experience to guide our customers to the right material for high pressure and high temperature requirements. Today, we manufacture thousands of pounds of PEEK resin for a variety of industries.

Metal to Plastic Conversions

Metal parts that require expensive, high-precision machining, can often be replaced with plastic parts. This reduces production costs, saves time, and improves corrosion resistance. In many cases, the high-temperature plastic part will cost less than its metal counterpart because once the mold is made and fine-tuned, large volumes of parts can be quickly and easily produced—a much more time- and cost-efficient process compared to machining individual metal parts. And, because of their corrosion resistance, plastic parts eliminate the need for the secondary finishing operations normally required for metal parts.

Take-over or Transfer Tools

There can be many reasons to consider transferring existing tools to Wescon Plastics such as: An Incumbent’s change in strategy, consolidation of suppliers, poor performance or simply wanting to be a priority. Whatever the case, you can trust Wescon to develop a plan and execute to make the transition seamless. We created a thorough checklist to insure your needs are on the forefront and the safety of the tool transport. We can work with your incumbent to evaluate the condition of tools and recommend repairs to get your parts up and running quickly.

Complex and Advance

In our over 45 years in contract manufacturing, Wescon Plastics has earned a strong track record helping companies develop innovative products and bring them to market. We gather our cross-functional team together to take on your most challenging projects. We manufacture complex components for low- and high-volume needs. That’s what we do well. And we do it with the utmost precision, consistency and rigor, because for you – and your customers – quality is essential. Reliability is a must. And delivering on what’s promised is vital.

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