We develop better designs coupled with robust processes and secondary capabilities to produce high performing parts every time

CNC Machining

Our machining processes offer you top-of-the-line results, including a specialty in tight tolerances and short lead times.

Post-Mold Decoration

Our high quality laser, pad printing and hot stamping services meet a diverse range of needs. They can be used for graphic applications, aesthetics, multi-color or traceability depending on your application and requirements.

Assembly and Packaging

We are capable of handling complex assemblies and complement parts. With highly-developed processes and many years of know-how, Wescon Plastics is a proven assembly supplier.

Welding and Bonding

We have the machinery and expertise available in-house to take care of your hot plate and ultrasonic welding needs to support a higher functioning solution.

We offer a full line of finishing services

Value-added services at Wescon Plastics help you get your product finished quicker by streamlining steps. When you combine decorative and assembly services with our manufacturing operations, you allow us to improve aesthetics, provide detail and add functional features to your product.

By completing more of the work on your parts and components in-house, we save you time and money in your production process. We have a wide range of secondary operations so you no longer need to source additional vendors – let us finish your molded parts for you.

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